Our Gold Necklaces For Women

Are you looking for gorgeous gold necklaces for women?

Gold looks particularly beautiful against tanned skin, meaning it’s very popular to wear in summer. But let’s face it, this most precious of metals looks beautiful any time of year.

At Venturio Jewellery we have a range of gold necklaces ideal for a wide range of occasions, including this 14K Yellow Gold Necklace with a dolphin pendant, which is ideal for women who love these beautiful animals.


In ancient times, sailors used to consider dolphins as a positive omen. They’re also associated with rebirth and renewal, making this necklace the perfect gift for somebody making a new start in life. With its sparkling diamond eye, this dolphin necklace is a charming addition to any jewellery box.

14K gold means that the metal is made up of around 58.3% gold and 41.7% of other metals.


If you want to show Cupid has well and truly struck, our 14 K Two-Tone Gold Necklace with an interlaced heart and arrow could be ideal. This captivating design is perfect for showing any woman how much she means to you. Better yet, this piece is currently reduced from £245.00 to only £145.00- that’s a saving of £100.

For more information, browse our gold necklaces today.

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